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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Idea 3G Tricks_ Idea Gprs Trick For 100Mb Free 3G Gprs

Hello My Friends!

Today I'm Coming With A New Idea 3G Trick For Getting Free 100Mb Data.

This Trick Is Expire Soon So,Make It Fast...

This Trick Gives You 100Mb Free Usage In Idea 3G.

Here Is The Idea 3G Trick:

First Of All You Need A 3G Enabled Mobile With Idea 3G Sim.

Then Just Dial The Code's Given Below

*800*79# [3G Only]

That's It Now You Will Get 100Mb Free 3G Gprs From Idea 3G...

Enjoy Free 3G With Idea 3G And Freetrickz...

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Reliance Balance Transfer Trick_Reliance Tricks2012

   Reliance Free Balance Transfer Tricks 2012

Hai Friends

Today I'm Coming With New Reliance Gsm Balance Transfer Trick For 2012.You Can Transfer 0 To 1000 Rs With This Trick.This Trick Is Working 100%...

Just Follow These Steps For Reliance Gsm Free Balance Transfer Trick:

Step 1:Dial this number *367*3#
Step 2:Then enter *312*3# and mobile(mdn) number

Step 3:Enter the amount you want to transfer
Step 4:Enter the pin.default pin is 1

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3 Ways To Using Internet On Effective Way

Many people find themselves in situations like paying for data plans they won’t have the opportunity to finish up before the month or before its expiry period runs out while others don’t even get enough of their data plan. Using an internet connection can be interesting, but it can also swap a lot of your money if you are not the smart type. Before I started my weight watchers coupon and ediets discount site, I found myself paying for internet bundles I won’t eventually use. And it was like putting money in the fire.
There are things I didn’t know that counted and they are what I am going to share with you in this post. When you are using an internet connection and you have noticed that it’s only when you neighbors help you out that you’ll be able to finish your data package before the month ends, you probably will want to learn from my tips below.

Make Use of Fast Web Browsers
The web browser you use can determine the amount of your data package you are able to use before it expires. Using a web browser that only makes your internet connection slow will make it difficult for you to use your data package as you’d wish to do.
Get fast web browsers like Mozilla firefox, Google chrome and Opera. These web browsers will make your browsing experience better and faster than using browsers that will actually make your browsing speed slow.

Put Limits to Your Downloads
You might think that downloading too many programs or files from the internet at the same time is a good way to quickly use up your internet data bundle before it expires, but that’s not true. It will only make your browsing become slow and get you frustrated. At the end, you’ll notice that your downloading will be terminated and you’ll end up telling the same story.
Download a few items at a time, by doing this, you will be able to use your data package wisely and your browsing speed will not be hindered.
If it’s necessary for you to download many files from the internet, you can do so, but make sure you are not downloading all at the same time.

Know the Right time to Browse
Just knowing the right time to browse might be the best way to know how to exhaust your internet data package before it expires. If it’s not favorable for you to browse in the day, because the internet will be very busy then, you can shift your browsing to the night when people would be sleeping. Then, you’ll be able to browse the internet faster and you’d also have the opportunity to use a good portion of your data bundle.
You can ask friends or your neighbors who use the same internet service provider you use which time of the day is more favorable for them, and implement it in your browsing.